Community-Wide Collaboration

FaCT Orange County is run by a coalition of community partners dedicated to serving as the administrative hub for the region’s large network of family resource centers and community agencies that offer family strengthening services.
As a coalition, we understand that FaCT’s purpose is to strengthen agencies and communities dedicated to promoting stronger family networks, which in turn reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect. We also believe that FaCT has the potential to expand its influence across a broader regional network of systems dedicated to reducing child abuse and neglect, to leverage its structure to attract federal and national dollars, and to bolster articulation of its regional impact. In light of this potential, our coalition is committed to providing the core services that have made FaCT successful, as well as to leveraging the potential for growth inherent in the platform itself.
The coalition is comprised of three organizations:

Charitable Ventures of Orange County: Charitable Ventures of Orange County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources and fiscal services to community initiatives. Launched in 2007, Charitable Ventures has sponsored more than 30 projects and a growing number of regional initiatives throughout Orange County and beyond. Charitable Ventures serves as the Lead Partner, providing fiscal management, accounting, and human resources support for data and marketing project staff and evaluation and community leadership development subcontractors.

The Olin Group: The Olin Group is a socially conscious consulting firm working across nonprofit, public, private, and philanthropic sectors to bring about community transformation. In developing innovative strategies, collaborative partnerships, and program effectiveness, our services help individuals and organizations solve the most challenging problems facing our communities.

Orange County Alliance for Children and Families: The Alliance is a consortium of 14 private nonprofit agencies providing a comprehensive array of services to children and families in the foster care system. The Alliance will provide training services and best practice promotion for all FaCT FRCs and will also be responsible for creating the content and curriculum for the annual FaCT conference.