2017 OC Community Indicators

Released annually since 2000, the Orange County Community Indicators report tracks countywide trends related to the economy, environment, and populace. The data in this report allows stakeholders to ask whether a certain practice or trend is sustainable.


22nd Annual Conditions of Children in Orange County

The 22nd Annual Report on the Conditions of Children examines Orange County through four interrelated and interdependent focus areas grounded in the OCCP’s mission: Good Health, Economic Well-Being, Educational Achievement and Safe Homes and Communities. Together, these focus areas feature 27 measures including the definition, findings and trends of each indicator, along with a discussion of why the indicator is important.


2016 OC Community Indicators



21st Annual Conditions Of Children in Orange County

The Annual Report on the Conditions of Children marks the 21st consecutive year of examining Orange County through the interrelated and interdependent lenses of health, the economy, education, and public safety. By shining a light on the status of children and families, it highlights issues that need to be addressed, measures progress toward healthier outcomes, and allows celebration of victories along the way.


2015 OC Community Indicators