What is the role of FaCT in Orange County?+

FaCT helps strengthen Orange County communities by supporting a network of Family Resource Centers offering family programs and resources with the goal of reducing risk of child abuse and neglect.

What is a Family Resource Center (FRC)? +

An FRC is a community-based, family-friendly site run by a collaborative partnership of nonprofit, government, faith-based, and other service partners. Each FRC is unique to its community, but all FRCs offer social, educational, and health services through multicultural and multilingual staff that reflect the surrounding neighborhoods and the families they serve. Each FRC is open to the entire community, with special emphasis on children and families.

How does FaCT work to make our region?s FRCs stronger?+

FaCT provides each FRC with technical assistance, training, and other resources that help engage local families and communities, establish best practices in child and family services, collect data and evaluate impact, and build sustainable partnerships. In addition, FaCT advocates with the public and private philanthropic communities to involve other stakeholders in leveraging the FaCT platform, strengthening our FRCs, and ultimately improving life for our children and families.

How many FRCs does FaCT support?+

FaCT currently supports 15 FRCs throughout Orange County’s highest-risk communities. Please visit FRC Locations for specific locations.

What are the most pressing needs in our communities related to family strengthening and child abuse prevention?+

The most pressing needs that our FRC staff see while working on the front lines with families are Poverty, Mental Health, Substandard Housing, and Domestic Violence. A few statistics for the 2014-2015 year help illustrate these needs:
• Of the families who provide us with their income levels, 78% make less than $25,000 per year, and 97% make less than $50,000.
• Nearly 900 individuals, including 278 children, received counseling.
• FRCs provided emergency assistance to over 6,000 individuals.
• 474 individuals participated in the Personal Empowerment Program to prevent domestic violence.

How is FaCT funded?+

FaCT programs and services receive funding from federal, state, and county agencies including U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Promoting Safe and Stable Families, Office of Child Abuse Prevention, California Emergency Management Agency, and the County of Orange, as well as regional grantmakers and private donations.

What our FaCT?s plans for growing its impact?+

Over the past 20 years, FaCT has established itself as a supportive foundation for its network of FRCs. As we look ahead, we believe that FaCT has the potential to expand its influence across a broader network of systems working to prevent child abuse and neglect. Thus, our vision is to build upon the FaCT platform to develop a collective impact model that recognizes our regional assets, maintains shared goals and evaluation, and serves as an entry point for public and private resources that strengthen children and families.

How do I partner with FACT?+

FaCT welcomes your partnership in supporting our FRCs and the families they serve. We have worked with both organizations and funders to enhance services and offerings both for and through the FRC network and are happy to discuss potential events, programs, or donations. Please Contact Us for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering, joining a Community Engagement Advisory Committee, or donating items or funds to your local FRC, please see our list of FRC Locations.