2018 FaCT Annual Conference Breakout Sessions


FOCUSING on Fathers
Strategies and Best Practices for Promoting Father Involvement
AM: Only Presented in English | PM: Presented in English (Spanish Translation Available)

Father-figures play an important role in our society and in our families. Research shows how critical they can be in raising strong, resilient children and in building stable homes. Even so, most community programs are designed to foster mother and child relationships, or target the female caregiver in the home, making it hard to engage fathers in community programs and services.

This workshop highlights organizations that have unique models for involving and engaging fathers head on, and experts who know the importance of providing fathers, father-figures, and parents the tools and skills to raise healthy and successful children.

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REACHING Hard to Reach Communities
Best Practices in Outreach for a Growing and Diverse Orange County
AM: Presented in English (Spanish Translation Available) | PM: Only Presented in English

Most of us provide services in English. Many of us provide services in Spanish. But what about Vietnamese? Korean? Farsi? Or Taiwanese? Over the last two decades, Orange County has become increasingly diverse, and community providers are struggling to catch up. With over 30% of Orange County’s population born in a foreign country, a large projected increase in the county’s Latino population, and a growing group of Asian cultures making up the region’s 18% Asian American population, it is increasingly important to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to have their voices heard, have a seat at the table, and have access to a quality education, healthcare, and community services. While this workshop focuses primarily on outreach to under-served ethnic communities, the models and practices presented can be extended to non-ethnic communities such as military families.

This workshop highlights experts from community organizations that have focused on raising the visibility and the voices of under-served and under-represented populations in Orange County, and will share their methods and best practices for reaching and engaging diverse communities.

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The Importance of Tailoring Outreach and Programs to Adolescents
AM: Presented in English (Spanish Translation Available) | PM: Only Presented in English

The wave of change that comes with adolescence often poses a conflict within families, especially those already struggling. While many providers are focused on preventing gang involvement, teen pregnancy, or helping teens navigate major mental and physical health challenges, actually ENGAGING teens is a challenge all in itself.

If you are an organization focused on strengthening families, this workshop will focus on understanding adolescent development and best practices and strategies for engaging at-risk teens in your programs and services.


Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community and Their Challenges and Barriers
AM: Presented in English (Spanish Translation Available) | PM: Only Presented in English

Even before same-sex marriage was established nation-wide in 2015, the LGBTQ+ community has been pushing the boundaries of our society’s understanding of gender and sexuality. But it is still difficult to be a part of this community in America. Barriers facing this community are vast and include: increased rates of smoking and substance abuse, limited access to transgender health services, increased rates of anxiety, major depression, high rates of targeted hate crimes, and suicide.

In addition, the LGBTQ+ community is richly diverse in age, race, and ethnicity. Understanding the LGBTQ+ community, culture, and the barriers and challenges they face will help us become better advocates for our LGBTQ+ community members and better service providers.

This workshop invites Orange County’s leaders in the LGBTQ+ community to lay out a foundational understanding of the LGBTQ+ community, their culture, and the challenges they face, and will foster a candid discussion about service barriers you as professionals can address.

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FIGHTING Substance Abuse
Engaging One of the Greatest Challenges Facing Our Community
AM: Only Presented in English | PM: Presented in English (Spanish Translation Available)

The news is full of tragic stories and varying opinions on how to address what is feeling like an epidemic of addiction in our communities. While not all of us are clinicians or therapists trained in substance use disorders, most of us have had experiences with how addiction can be a destabilizing force in a family.

This workshop will present on the prevalence of substance abuse in Orange County, what services are available for low-income and under-served communities, and best practices for everyone in your organization to embrace to help fight substance abuse in our communities.

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PUSHING BACK Against Bullying
When Systems Don’t Work, How Can Parents Respond?
AM: Only Presented in Spanish | PM: Presented in Spanish (English Translation Provided)

As a parent, what can you do if your child is being bullied? Where can you get help, and what are your options if the system isn’t working for your child? These are difficult questions for any parent, and they can be even more challenging for those who face barriers of language, culture, or lack of resources.

Designed for Community Engagement Advisory Council members (but open to everyone), this interactive workshop will be an opportunity to engage with organizations and institutional leaders who have experience with anti-bullying policies and best practices

“PUSHING BACK Against Bullying” will only be presented in Spanish with English Translation Available in the afternoon session. Please note the language discrepancies detailed above before signing up for a session topic.


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